Become a Certified Partner

We have recently launched our International Partnership Program, consisting of an exclusive partnership between Happiness Business School and one representative of a country.

Our partners are able to:
  • Use our branding in all marketing and sales materials
  • Represent us in a number of trainings
  • Use our training materials with clients

  • Access our online academy with workshops, exercises, videos, research, and online courses
  • Use our consultancy practice methodology
  • Get our collaboration with clients, if applicable
  • Get access to our marketing practices
  • Get access to monthly check-ins and gatherings to strengthen our joint work
  • Get access to an international network of like-minded professionals
  • Promote their events on our website and network

We offer geographical exclusivity because we want to look after each of our partners, helping them grow and growing with them. We know this kind of partnership provides a tremendous competitive advantage - and we will guarantee that it brings enormous added value. Providing excellence is one of our core values, therefore we will only appoint the best professionals in each region.


Reconnect Happiness at Work

We have joined forces with Reconnect, a Brazilian company that focus in the field of Happiness at Work. Reconnect is our exclusive partner in Brazil and represents us in a number of services. Renata and Felipe are extremely dedicated professionals, you will be in great hands.

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Simply Happy at Work
The Netherlands

Martine Behrens is an extraordinary professional, based in Amsterdam, that focus in the field of Happiness at Work. Simply Happy at Work is our exclusive partner in Holland, representing us in a number of services.

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Oku Human

Oku Human is our exclusive partner in Angola, representing us in a number of services. Cláudio and Tiago are all about boosting human relationships, with years of experience in the HR field and development fields. 

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Kuentxa is our exclusive partner in Mozambique, representing us in a number of services. Sheila has 20 years of experience in Business Communication, Training, Coaching and team management in multinational companies. She declares herself in love with people and their human potential, so contributing to their happiness is important to her. Reach out and you won't be disappointed!

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