Happiness Manager Certificate

  • Author: Madalena Carey
  • Study time: 18 hours
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Course overview
This course will allow you to develop skills to become a positive change agent in the corporate world and an expert in linking head and heart in a company. it aims at teaching you how to be in the arena promoting happiness at work and purposeful careers. You will learn the science of happiness and positive psychology applied to the workplace.

Madalena Carey - Founder & Director of Happiness Business School

How does it work?

This is an 18-hour online learning course divided into 5 modules, with a total of 19 sessions. Each session contains one or more videos, presentation slides, science-based research so that you can really back up your studies, self-assessment tools for you, exercises to use with teams or clients, and plenty of book suggestions.

Course contents

01 - Welcome & Introduction

How to submit your assignment 
Happiness Manager Playbook

02 - Module 1 - The Science of Happiness

Is the human being designed to be happy? Do we have the same predisposition for happiness?
Your Brain on Happiness - The Neuroscience of Joy

Sustainable Happiness Model and Pie Chart

03 - Module 1 - The Science of Happiness

The Hedonic Treadmill & How to Reprogramme our Brains for Happiness 
Hedonic and Eudaimonic Wellbeing
The What, How and Why of Hedonic Treadmill
Self-Directed Neuroplasticity

04 - Module 1 - The Science of Happiness

Practices of Positive Psychology
Gratitude predicts Hope and Happiness
Empathy and Compassion increase Happiness

Mindfulness and Happiness
Increasing Happiness through Resilience

05 - Module 1 - The Science of Happiness

The Theory of Authentic Happiness

06 - Module 2 - Reality Check-In

Stress in the Workplace & 8 Causes of Modern Unhappiness
Burnout. Causes and Cures
Depression - World Health Organization

07 - Module 2 - Reality Check-In

What makes Employee Happiness?
The World's Most Loved CEO
What Makes an Employee Happy?

08 - Module 2 - Reality Check-In

Two-Factor Theory: Hygiene VS Motivational factors in the Workplace
Framework for Employee Happiness

09 - Module 3 - The Legacy of the Happiness Manager

The importance of the Happiness Manager, who can display the role & where the position fits in
Impact of Happiness in Productivity
Engagement's effect

10 - Module 3 - The Legacy of the Happiness Manager

Personal Mission, Professional Vision & Building a Winning Culture
Crafting a Personal Mission

11 - Module 3 - The Legacy of the Happiness Manager

Conscious & Sustainable Approach
Conscious Capitalism
Sustainability Framework

12 - Module 4 - Happiness Management

VIA Character - Strengths & Virtues

13 - Module 4 - Happiness Management

Negativity Bias and How to Overcome it
Finding Silver Linings

14 - Module 4 - Happiness Management

Strategies for Emotion Management
Emotion Regulation Wheel
Positive Emotion Brainstorm

15 - Module 4 - Happiness Management

Authenticity in Relationships
Don't put people in boxes
Strength Collision for resolving conflict

16 - Module 4 - Happiness Management

Positive Communication Model
Growth Mindset when receiving Constructive Feedback

17 - Module 4 - Happiness Management

Emotional Salary Concept
Strategies for Daily Happiness

18 - Module 5 - Implementation for Success

Diagnosing and Measuring Happiness at Work
Happiness at Work Survey
The Subjective Happiness Scale
The Flourishing Scale
The Satisfaction With Life Scale

19 - Module 5 - Implementation for Success

Step-by-Step to Implement an Emotional Salary & Designing a Teams' Happiness Roadmap

20 - Assignment

Building a Team's Happiness Roadmap

Happiness Manager Certificate

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