Happiness Manager

12h training

The Happiness Manager training is a 2 day intensive training where you will rock your Positive Psychology and learn Engaging Leadership.


Module 1 | Happiness Manager Skills - evaluation and promotion 

  • Self-Awareness, Strengths and the Emotional Quotient;
  • Audit of strengths and authenticity in the relationship;
  • Increase performance and develop super talented teams;

Modulo 2 | Personal Mission and Professional Vision  

  • The personal mission of Happiness manager;
  • Be visionary - Inspire the dream and make it happen;
  • Building a winning culture: Values, Mission and Passion;
  • The Legacy of the Happiness Manager - Substance and Service;

Module 3 | Energy Management 

  • Slaves of Success - between stress and burnout;
  • Happiness Manager and CEO = Chief Energy Manager; 
  • 4 impact strategy for energy management;

Module 4 | Success and Happiness 

  • Strategies for daily happiness - Happiness Toolkit;
  • Emotional Salary Concept and examples;
  • Step by step towards implementing an emotional salary culture;

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