'Mindset for Happiness'

Ready to inject real and sustainable happiness into your team?

Based on Science of Happiness studies, resulting from the birth of Positive Psychology and the new key competencies of People Management and Personal Leadership, this 2h workshop has as its main goal to hold employees accountable for their internal happiness and motivation.

Key contents

Mindset for Happiness

The science of Happiness
  • Is the human being designed to be happy?
  • Hedonic Treadmill. Why do we define goals and after we achieve them, they lose the potential of prolonged happiness
  • How can we transform our brain to be the maximum enhancer of our Happiness
  • The impact of Positive Psychology in ourselves and our relationships
  • The power of resilience, empathy, gratitude and Mindfulness
  • How to have a positive experience in the workplace - mission and purpose
  • Action Plan for Workplace Happiness

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