Positive Leadership

16h training

What is it?

This program aims to improve leadership and communication skills in order to promote a better performance between teams, exploring the internal focus first and, afterward, the focus on others. Nowadays, it is essential to promote inclusive and positive leadership to increase motivation and employee experience.

At Happiness Business School, we go further than usual. We believe the leader of the future is the one that inspires the dream, the purpose, and the mission. That's what we propose.



  • Diagnosis of personality, DISC profile ;
  • Leadership models;
  • Positive Leadership, its benefits and its challenges;
  • The Positive Leader;
  • Leveraging your strengths as a Leader;
  • Leadership Mindset - Developing an attitude of leadership and protagonism in your own life to maximize growth and impact;

Team leadership 

  • Understand the human being in each employee;
  • Align the company's vision, values and goals with those of the employee;
  • Leader vs Manager;
  • Leadership in Change;
  • Inclusive Leadership;
  • Empowerment;
  • What defines high performance teams. Self-determination theory as the engine of performance;
  • Expectations management;
  • Job crafting;
  • How to deal with 'low performers' and conduct an assessement situation;
  • Practices of Positive Psychology
  • Culture of Corporate Happiness and Emotional Salary;

Influence and Communication

  • Principles of influence;
  • Positions vs Interests;
  • Interpersonal communication tools with credibility, trust and positive impact;
  • Develop strategic questions;
  • Active and effective listening. Anchors and Rapport;
  • Giving feedback that promotes behavior improvement;
  • Recognize and reward;
  • How to corrupt limiting beliefs for better performance;
  • How to influence and motivate different organizational levels;

Negotiation and Conflict Management

  • Moderator and arbitrator roles;
  • Sources of conflicts;
  • Win win methodology as a strategy for conflict resolution;
  • Negotiate with different stakeholders
  • Steps of an effective negotiation process;
  • Develop effective argumentation using both reason and heart;
  • Mental maps;
  • How to use the NLP to tune with different mind maps;


4 weeks
16h training
Zoom Online Live
Monday & Wednesday
7pm to 9pm
Starts on May 31
Portuguese Language
Starts on July 5
5, 7, 12, 14, 19, 21, 26, 28
Portuguese language

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