We believe in
Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Happiness Business School is all about Business Consciousness. Our business strategy seeks to benefit humankind.

We believe in a sustainable ecosystem, where companies, organisms, and charities work together to improve society.
From the moment we have the means, we have the moral obligation to help.

Saying our work is about Happiness is only a different way of saying we fight for Mental Health. Every day.
We believe that transcendental Happiness is achieved faster when basic needs are first met.
With this in mind, we have proudly partnered with a few solidarity institutions, and your yearly Digital Academy membership will provide:

- 1 full day meal to 24 kids in need
- 18 days of scholarship to a child in need
- 23 days of Mental Health group support for 2 adults in need Thank you for helping us help.

Thank you for helping us help.

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