The Happiness Mentality

What is it?

The Happiness Crew aims at contributing to high performance and positive work environment through humor, increasing employees' happiness. The concept is directly related to a company's ability to cultivate and act in accordance with its purpose, making the members of each team feel that they are doing important work to society and in line with their personal purposes.

How does it work?

The Happiness Mentality Program by The Happiness Crew is an online and/or face-to-face program that aims to empower teams to be happier at work and in life.

This is how we will do it:

  • Working with other executives to develop and implement policies that enable and encourage a happy working environment and mentality;
  • Inform, inspire and offer hands-on tools to start making a difference in the workplace;
  • Analyzing happiness levels in the workplace – this involves interviewing employees to gather their view on current working conditions;
  • Helping team leaders to create personal visions that are linked to the organization's vision;
  • Sharing creative ideas to increase employee happiness in the workplace;
  • Explaining how to implement a strategy in which your team's happiness is part of the culture and long-term success, inspiring them to follow you on that journey.
  • Leaders will learn to use their empathy skills along with their authenticity and vision of success to discuss ways to increase the performance of their teams.

What's included?

  • Adaptive format of online and/or face-to-face classes for a total of 40 hours, 13 weeks
  • Trainers specialized in edu-entertainment with extensive experience in the corporate market;
  • Participation of national and international comedians and top executives, in real time or recorded classes;


Interactive Invitation -  25min Online

  • Mini talk about the Corporate Happiness program and arousing interest in voluntary participation;
  • Case studies - Happiness, motivation and satisfaction levels

Session 1 - Do you want to date me? - Live stream 1h20

  • Understand the flaws, because just as people are, so are creatures and creations;
  • The world of sincerocide and other issues that make us so curiously special!
  • Not so basic concepts of Happiness and teasing with curious and humorous questions, of course!

Session 2 - If I tell you something, will you believe me? -  Live stream 0h15

  • Sharing real and inspiring (or not!) stories to bring reflection about truths and pseudo-truths;

Session 3 - Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? - Live stream 1h10

  • 'Three Little Pigs' story - 3 pillars of happiness and 3 thieves in class;
  • Bonus to boost the brain with improvised games!

Session 4 - Tea time! - Online 0h10

  • Moment for activities suggestion that can bring relaxation and lightness pills! Please avoid using these pills in times of concentration needs, but feel free to use them in times of impending stress;

Session 5 - Yes, we have questions! - Live stream  1h10

  • Curious nature of human being can be very useful so we put together a set of questions for a very provocative dynamic. After all, we always knew that what moves the world around are not the answers, but the questions. Let's play a game!

Session 6 - Do you believe me? - Online 0h15

  • Sharing real and inspiring stories that will make people reflect about truths and pseudo-truths;

Session 7 - Are you toxic? - Live stream 1h10

  • Maybe at the end of the day, we all are;
  • Main topics: Understand, Adopt, Understand, Practice and Avoid (exactly in this order);

Session 8 - Creative Leisure - Online 1h20

  • Self-knowledge is very important and since you will now have your moment of creative leisure - which your company encourages - let's give it a go!
  • Interview with portuguese and brazilian comedians;

Session 9 - Don’t be the last one to arrive! - Live stream 1h10

  • We are almost arriving to our final destination: Happiness
  • How to impact your closest colleagues so you all speak the same language (imagine a happy page. How cool!);

Session 10 - Let’s practice - Face-to-face 4h

  • Games and practical exercises session to be implemented in the company's departments;
  • Happiness can be measured. Get your certificate!

Are you ready for this?

Meet the crew

Actress, Entrepreneur, Filmmaker, Stand up Comedian, Luso-Brazilian living in Portugal since 2017. Possessing a big dream: Becoming a millionaire crown and half did it: Became a crown. Bachelor of Scenic Interpretation and graduation in Finance, in Rio de Janeiro. Master's student in Cinema in Portugal, Lisbon.
Abbadhia worked for more than 12 years in the commercial area of several multinationals and her main challenge at TEM is to develop motivational projects, aiming to transform environments, combining commercial “Know-how", theatrical techniques and corporate language. In Portugal, she worked for large companies such as TAP, Primavera, Lidl and others. Author of the book GARGALHADORISMO, by the Portuguese publisher Tema Central with launch at CONARH and Leadership Summit Portugal.

Abbadhia Vieira
Graduated in Social and Cultural Communication at Universidade Católica Portuguesa, with a postgraduate degree in Digital Marketing, Miguel worked for 12 years in the Marketing and Communication area. He was a postgraduate professor at the European University and gave training in Digital Marketing and Corporate Communication in several companies.
In 2017, he left the position of Communications Manager at a multinational and became CEO of his personal project: positively impacting the largest number of people, through
comedy. With a background in theater and music, he is a screenwriter, author and presenter of the humor program "The Recipes of Chef Bernas" broadcast on the Portuguese television channel Canal Q. He is a chronicler in the lifestyle magazine NiT, where he writes humorous texts on television and cinema.

Miguel Lambertini

Don't work hard. Work happier.

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