Chief Happiness Officer International Certification

There’s a revolution going on. CHO’s are leading it.

Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn and Apple are some of the happiest companies in the world. They are also among the best performing, as there is a direct link between corporate happiness and success.

Happiness at the workplace is scientifically proven to improve efficiency.

Results. Talent. Growth. Engagement. Teamwork. Creativity. Value. Trust. Culture.

By taking this course, you will become a certified CHO fit for leading change in 
the corporate world and ready for establishing a strong work-life balance culture in our planet, one company at a time.

Is this training for you?

If you are an HR Manager, Director, or CEO who wants to positively transform your work culture, then this training is for you.

If you are a want-to-be Happiness Consultant and Facilitator who wishes to build a career providing happiness services, making the corporate world a better place, then this training is for you!

What can you expect?

  • You will learn the competitive advantage to create a positive culture that generates talent and commitment 
  • You will have exclusive access to tools, ideas, strategies, methods, and exercises to develop these conditions
  • You will know how to present and sell the 'idea' of happiness at work, either within your organization or to potential customers
  • You will join a networking space with professionals who are as passionate and committed as you are to creating happier workplaces



  • The Science of Happiness - Introduction to the latest research on happiness;
  • The scientific study of positive psychology and its impact on us, our relationships and workplace;
  • Reality check-in - what causes happiness and unhappiness at work;
  • Impact of perks and Benefits on employee happiness;
  • Manage for Happiness;
  • How to measure Happiness at work;
  • ROI of Happy Workplaces - Impact of Happiness  in business results;
  • Positive Leadership


  • The role of a CHO - Who is, where it fits and job description

  • How to implement an Emotional Salary strategy
  • Structuring your own organizational happiness plan for business success and results


  • How to get the management buy-in to the idea of happiness;
  • How to involve employees on a Corporate Happiness Culture;
  • Exam;
  • HBS talks with 3 field experts, followed by a Q&A;
By the end of the course, we will hold your graduation with our own Happy Hour!
Want to know more? You have to come and see!

You will also have access to


3 talks with 3 different experts in the field


Free coffee breaks, lunches and one cocktail "Happy Hour"

FREE access to our Digital Academy forever!

A few kind words by our students

Last year I visited Google. Since that day, I have felt how far ahead the positive culture of this company was, as well as the genuine concern for the well-being of its People. Since then, I tried to get to know this new corporate culture in a more structured way. I opted to undertake the CHO training and it was a great investment. It gave us access to extremely interesting concepts, case studies and tools for the future.

Rafael cerveira
managing partner @squadra
Thanks a lot to Happiness Business School. Amazing days... absolutely inspiring! Influencing everyone to be happy at work is crucial. 3 days of pure transformation where we learned how to easily apply theory and concepts to a company's daily routine. Come with us on this hapinness journey because together we achieve more.

For someone passionate about PD, it is not easy to be surprised when the topic is organizational behavior. What a pleasant surprise these 3 days! Challenging, rewarding, filled with moments of validation and hope. A dynamic and tireless trainer, who extraordinarily combines the cognitive-technical-practical vein with the emotional, empathic, and human touch! Full access to scientific studies and powerful tools. An organization full of affection.

filipa gameiro,
Talent Development, Learning & Coaching Process @Amazing Vision Consulting
More than ever, happiness at work has become not only a trend but a need that all companies must fulfil. This certification comes as must-have for every professional that wants to contribute to a better and happier workplace. There were three days full of learning, development and inspirational people to learn with. I would totally recommend it.

Natacha Lopes,
MSc Student in HR Management and Organizational Consulting

Are you ready for this?

Luanda, Angola

3, 4, 5 June 2021
9am to 5pm

Oku Human

São Paulo, Brazil

9, 10, 11 June 2021
9am To 5pm

Reconnect Happiness
at Work

Sydney, Australia

5, 6, 7 July 2021
9am to 5pm

$2500 AUD + GST

S. Compostela, Spain

22, 23, 24 June 2021  
9am to 5pm

Achieving Moments

São Paulo, Brazil

21, 22, 23 July 2021  
9am to 5pm

Reconnect Happiness at Work

Lisbon, Portugal

20, 21, 22 September 2021  
9am to 5pm

1850€ + IVA

Maputo, Mozambique

12, 13, 14 July 2021  
9am to 5pm


Note: Each training will be delivered in the mother tongue of the designated country

Happiness is contagious.

Let us share some of ours with you.

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