Happiness Manager Certificate

18h. e-learning
You've spent thousands on an education that taught you about all these things you won’t ever need. Yet, you never learned about happiness – one of the  most important traits for life. And the sad reality is that you probably never will.


Unless you choose to turn your life around. And the ones around you.
Unless you believe there’s still time.
Unless you are confident life can be better - and you can feel happier, making others happy.

By joining our online course, not only will you turn on a golden asset for any company, but you will also learn all about the science of happiness, by stripping it down to the basis. You will then understand human behavior and learn how to improve it for the better.

What's included?

  • Videos
  • Text material & Playbook
  • Exercises & Assessments
  • Certificate
  • Access to a thriving community

Do it at your own pace

With unlimited access to support by email and through an online community

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Get access to our free e-Guide: How to Build an Organizational Happiness Plan

Who is this training for?

Anyone and everyone who wants to be a positive change agent in the corporate world. Become a specialist in linking head and heart in a company and learn how to be in the arena implementing emotional salary strategies, promoting purposeful careers.

How does it work?

This is an 18-hour online learning course divided into 5 modules, with a total of 19 sessions.

The goal is that you can complete at least 2 sessions per week, but the program is designed so that you can do it at your own pace. This way, you can do it faster or slower - and finish earlier or later. It's up to you!

You will have access to the Happiness Manager Playbook. Each session contains one or more videos, presentation slides, science-based research so that you can really back up your studies, self-assessment tools for you, exercises to use with teams or clients, and plenty of book suggestions.

At the end of each session, you will attempt a short evaluation quiz or an open question, and at the end of the training, you will submit your final assessment to become a Happiness Manager!


Module 1 - The Science of Happiness

  • Is the human being designed to be happy?
  • Does the human being have the same predisposition for happiness?
  • Hedonic Treadmill and how to stop it;
  • Can we reprogramme our brains so that they are the maximum enhancer of our happiness?
  • Practices of Positive Psychology;
    The Theory of Authentic Happiness;

Module 2 - Workplace Reality Check-in

  • 8 Causes of modern unhappiness;
  • What makes employee happiness;
  • 2 factors theory, hygiene factors vs motivating factors on employee happiness;

Module 3 - The Legacy of the Happiness Manager

  • The growing importance of the Happiness Manager - who is and where it fits in;
  • Personal mission - substance and service;
  • Professional vision: inspiring the dream and making it happen;
  • Building a winning culture: vision, mission and values;
  • Conscious and Sustainable Business approach;

Module 4 - Happiness Management

  • Via Character, strengths and virtues;
  • Negative Bias and how to overcome it;
  • Techniques for emotion management;
  • Authenticity in relationships;
  • Positive Communication Model;
  • Emotional Salary Concept;

Module 5 - Implementation for Success

  • Strategies for Daily Happiness - Happiness toolkit;
  • Step-by-step to implementing an Emotional Salary;
  • Designing a Happiness Roadmap for your team and/or client;

A few kind words by our students

I would like to thank Happiness Business School for the Happiness Manager training. In this very hard time we are living in, it was very important to acquire new tools to keep the team together and happy.

Madalena in her wonderful videos and all the material provided, turned into authentic oxygen bubbles that improvede me a lot, with her simple but very objective speech, it made me want to be with my colleagues on a daily basis in a positive, assertive and more informed way.

Teresa Félix
Happiness Manager @ Cocoon Experience
I have been looking for training in this area for some time. As I believe that it will be an increasingly valued area in companies is undoubtedly the area in which I wanted to reinforce my skills.The course is very well structured and with very relevant content. It gave me a set of tools that I can use in my day-to-day life, with me and my team. I strongly recommend it.

Rodrigo Magalhães Basto
E-commerce Business Manager 
@Sonae MC
I really enjoyed the course content and the fact that it is an e-learning course. The content is very rich and the supporting materials are great!

Janaina Andrade Magnoni
People & Culture Manager 
@Cogna Educação

Happiness at work is a topic that has been chasing me for years, that made me make personal choices, and that is fully aligned with my purpose. Today I celebrate another step on this path. It makes perfect sense that there is someone in companies whose sole purpose is to ensure the well-being of people and ensure the alignment between work, mission and values.

I received my Happiness Business School diploma and it was great to reinforce the beliefs in some of my convictions, discover studies that confirm my ideas, meet more people who, like me, believe that happiness makes the difference. The course gave me tools ready to be implemented, ideas that I want to test, and a great desire to make it happen.

Sónia Trincheiras
Trainer & Educational Counselor @Cineclube

You will also have access to

Unlimited support through email to ask anything. We will be glad to help, suggest and guide you at all times.

1h30 clarification session with the trainer. This is an optional bonus and you can use it anytime throughout the training, not necessarily at the end.
Community forum for group discussion where you can meet like minded people, discuss ideas, ask questions, or just chat! 

Are you ready for this?

With a law degree, Madalena worked for several years in immigration and compliance, focusing on international education - but soon realized that that
was not her path to happiness. Followed to her discovery, and through coaching for personal and professional performance, she then started helping people improving their realities. Through her experience (and tons of data), Madalena realized the number one reason for her clients' unhappiness and depression was related to labor issues - and found in her the urge to fix it. Madalena is today a Corporate Happiness Expert & Consultant, with several certifications: Chief Happiness Officer, Life Coaching, Business Coaching, and Neuro-linguistic Programming - besides a number of Professional Trainings: Science of Happiness (edX), Science of Well Being (Yale University), and Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health (University of Sydney). To this day, Madalena has helped hundreds of people and companies all around the world. Her main mission? Boosting meaningful work cultures to promote purposeful careers.

Meet the Trainer

Madalena Carey,
Founder & Director of Happiness Business School

Ready to learn about happiness?

It’s long overdue... But you can start now. Join our happy tribe!

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