Organisational Happiness
125h training

Who is it for?

The MBA Organisational Happiness is for anyone who feels that their purpose is to be a positive change agent in a company and that, regardless of their role, are interested in the theme of organisational happiness.

The course motto is 'from theory to practice'

This MBA was created in partnership between Happiness Business School and ISEC Lisboa. The course will allow the development of skills that enable trainees to understand what organisational happiness is, its impact on employees, in the business and in the community. Great emphasis will be given to the presentation of practical cases, methodologies and tools for the development of an integrated and holistic plan for happiness in organisations.

Understand the why, the what and the how.


  • To gain knowledge about the scientific approach to organisational happiness;
  • To understand the impact of happiness on people and businesses;
  • To understand the importance of sustainability for a regenerative economy and the impact on employee engagement, well-being and happiness;
  • To acquire tools to measure happiness in organisations;
  • To gain knowledge on how to promote people's happiness and the importance of positive communication and management;
  • To know the concept of collaborative architecture and the importance of the design of spaces that promote creative and collaborative work environments;
  • To understand the main causes of mental health disorders in employees and how to prevent them;
  • To know practical cases of initiatives to promote happiness and organisational well-being;
  • To understand the importance of promoting the development of a mindset for happiness in employees;
  • To learn how to create an integrated organisational happiness plan;
  • To acquire knowledge that allows redesigning an organisational culture, from theory to practice.

Course Coordination

Founder and Director of Happiness Business School. Corporate Happiness Specialist; Executive Education in Science of Happiness and Well-Being, Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health
Madalena carey
Training Consultant, Corporate Happiness Specialist, People Connector, Executive Education in Science of Happiness and Well-Being
Berta neto

MBA Organisational Happiness

Happiness - Introduction to the latest research - 14H

  • The Science of Happiness and Positive Psychology - 7H
  • Neuroscience of Happiness - 7H

Corporate Happiness - How to promote a culture where being happy is easy - 56H

  • The Economics of Happiness - The ROI of Happy Places - 7H

  • Diagnosis and Measurement of Happiness at Work - 7H

  • Authentic Leadership - The Role of the Happiness Managers - 7H
  • Positive Communication - 7H

  • Office Design - 7H

  • Employer branding - 7H

  • Mental Health in Organisations - 7H
  • Conscious and Sustainable Business - 7H

Employee Happiness - How to enhance the best in each person - 35H

  • Happiness
 Mindset - 7H
  • Emotional Intelligence - 7H
  • Coaching and Mentoring as a process for People development - 7H 

  • Managing for the development of high performance teams - 7H
  • Employee Experience - Happiness Roadmap - 7H

Culture Transformation - 7H

  • Managing Change
 - 7H

Case Studies - from theory to practice - 13H

  • Case Studies - 7H
  • Final Project - 7H

Will you join us?

  • When? Start date on June 1, every Tuesday and Thursday from 7 pm to 10:30 pm
  • Duration? 7 months
  • How? Presencial or Online mode - you choose!
  • Where? ISEC Lisboa - Alameda das Linhas de Torres 179, 1750-142 Lisboa
  • How much? 2500€ - payments up to 6 installments
  • How to enroll? Click on the button below and you will be directed to ISEC Lisboa's registration page

Are you ready for this?

Happiness is contagious.

Let us share some of ours with you.

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